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Kolibrio makes MEV fly backward to transaction originators

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What is Kolibrio?

Kolibrio is the first BEV Relay (Broadcaster Extractable Value) that allows transaction broadcasters like node providers, non-custodial wallets, cross-chain bridges and other dApps to improve user experience, enable MEV ownership, optimize infrastructure and improve the bottom line.

Who Can Fly with Kolibrio

RPC providers
RPC providers

Node infrastructure providers process billions of requests a day on various chains.

That order flow creates certain value, and Kolibrio brings that value back to node providers and their users.

BEV relay also speeds up transaction delivery to the blockchain validators, making positive impact on the end user's UX.

DeFi wallets
RPC providers

Non-custodial wallets with swap functionality are one of the biggest contributors to the creation of Maximal Extractable Value (MEV), but it's common they are not even aware of this.

With Kolibrio, DeFi wallets can enable MEV-powered cashback, gasless transactions, and generate new revenue streams.

Cross-chain bridges
Cross-chain bridges

The future of web3 is multichain.

Growing demand for cross-chain transfers translates into creation of cross-domain Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) and new opportunities for the searchers.

Cross-chain bridges who have connected to the BEV Relay can offer their users better price through offering deeper liquidity in a form of MEV rebate.

dApps and protocols
dApps and protocols

Support of dApps is coming soon...

With the self-custody being on the rise, we believe that DEXs and other DeFi protocols will get more and more traction in the long-term.

However, the problem of front-run attacks and low liquidity slows down the mass adoption.

Kolibrio aims to change that and offer a transparent MEV distribution model, improved UX and protection from the bad actors.

MEV-Powered Order Flow Auctions (OFAs)

Give more to the users

It's all about users and customer experience. Kolibrio enables new economic incentives that can covered from an MEV fund, which is growing with the number of user trades.

Enable new revenue stream

Businesses exist to create value and generate profits. Kolibrio helps broadcasters to extract value from their order flow and improve the bottom line.

Optimize infrastructure

Maximise transaction propagation speed and block inclusion - Kolibrio can fly lightning fast and offers low latency for MEV-positive orders.

Supported Chains

BNB Chain

Our Partners

Delta Blockchain Fund
Everstake Capital