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Kolibrio makes MEV fly backward to the broadcasters and users

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What is Kolibrio?

Kolibrio is the first BEV Relay (Broadcaster Extractable Value) that connects non-custodial wallets, RPC providers, cross-chain brigdes and dApps with the private network of MEV searchers, and allows to extract value from the transaction stream.

Who Can Fly with Kolibrio

RPC providers
RPC providers

PRC providers that offer blockchain infrustructure on multiple chains to startups and enterprise clients, might process billions transactions a day.

The transaction order flow contains Maximal Extractavle Value (MEV) that RPC providers are currently missing on.

Kolibrio brings MEV back to RPC providers.

DeFi wallets
RPC providers

Non-custodial wallets with swap functionallity are one of the biggest contributors to the creation of Maximal Extractable Value (MEV), but often they are not even aware of this fact.

Kolibrio helps DeFi wallets to solve the monetization problem and improve customer satisfaction.

Cross-chain bridges
Cross-chain bridges

The future of web3 is multichain.

With the demand for cross-chain swap come the creation of cross-chain Maximal Extractable Value (MEV).

With Kolibrio, cross-chain bridges can offer their clients best exchange price.

dApps and protocols
dApps and protocols

DEXs and other DeFi protocols generate billions in trading volume nowdays.

However, the problem of front-run attacks and low liquidity creates certain barriers for the mass adoption.

Kolibrio helps dApps to improve UX and enable cashback for their users.

Unique Features Out of the Box

New revenue stream

Extract value from your order flow and improve the bottom line

MEV rebate

Share MEV profits with your users and disrupt value proposition

Improved UX

Speed up execution - transactions with MEV can be mined up to 5x faster

Supported Chains

BNB Chain

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